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Government grants

Enman has been assisting their commercial and industrial clients to obtain various state and federal grants to implement projects since the inception of the company in 1988.

Enman is a one stop service provider to assist you in the grant application.
This includes the following:

  • Conduct feasibility study of the project. This provides energy saving, carbon reduction and other benefits from the project. Full project, full cost analysis cash flow and payback
    time with life cycle analysis.
  • Provide NABERS assessment and verification as required by the grant.
  • Prepare grant application
  • Enman provides verification on the outcome of the project such as energy saving,
    demand reduction, carbon reduction etc. Enman also writes case studies on the
    outcome of the project.

Some of the recent government grants that Enman assisted client in are:

  • - Green building fund
  • - Clean Technology Fund
  • - DECC, NSW Grants
  • - DIIRD, VIC Grants
  • - Funding for local councils CEEP
  • - Sustainability Victoria funding
  • - Low carbon Australia fund
       This is a loan to assist in implementing energy efficiency projects.